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Description:   Fighting in and around vehicles is a very real scenario and is generally an unexpected event!  This class will provide you with the techniques, tactics and skills necessary to engage an adversary from within and around a vehicle – and win!   This class will address cover and concealment, movement around vehicles, and addressing near and far ambush scenarios.  The class will include classroom, live fire and Simunition force on force scenarios.

Date and Time:  March 18 – 19, 2020 and August 5 – 6, 2020 (0800 – 1700)        

Northern California Regional Public Safety Training Authority (NCRPSTA), 5436 Patrol Road, McClellan (Sacramento), CA  95652

Tuition Fee:  The tuition fee for this class is $450.00 payable by check to Paladin Tactical. 

Registration:  Registration for this class will be through Paladin Tactical.   This class is not POST - certified.  To register, contact Dan Butler at  For further information contact Dan via email or telephone number (707) 863-1064.

An informational flyer may be downloaded here

Vehicle Counter Ambush Tactics (VCAT)

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