Tactical Breacher Course

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Tuition: $600.00

Here at Pinnacle Tactical Solutions we subscribe to the premise that “If you can’t get in, you may as well go home!” This is the mantra of our very popular Tactical Breacher Course! This 24 hour course will teach you not only how to defeat barriers but how to do so safely – safely for hostages, bystanders, and your officers! Material to be covered in this class include:

  • Tactical Breaching Concepts

  •  Target Scouting and Tactical Site Surveys

  •  Breach Planning

  •  Breacher Briefings

  •  Breach Point Selection and Target Analysis

  • Use of Manual/Mechanical Breaching Tools

  •  Introduction to Shotgun Breaching

  •  Breach Point Approach

  •  Practical Application and Scenario-driven exercises

The course will include both classroom and practical application training.

Informational flyers may be downloaded here and here

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