SWAT Team Refresher Course

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Pinnacle Tactical Solutions LLC announces our CA POST-certified Tactical Team Refresher Course.  This three day (24 hour) course is intended for teams or multiple SWAT operators from the same team and will focus on tactical procedures and weapons skills which will hone the skills of SWAT team operators.  This retrainer course will give tactical teams the opportunity to train together as a team to refine skills and develop new skillsets.  This course is a great way to meet the recommendations outlined in the California POST Operational Guidelines and Standardized Training Recommendations, which recommends that SWAT team Operators and SWAT Supervisors/Team Leaders attend 24 hours of POST-certified SWAT update or refresher training, or its equivalent (as determined by the agency), every 24 months (Section 10.3.1)
Dates for this course are To Be Determined.

  • Areas covered will include:

  • High caliber firearms training

  • Hostage Rescue/CQB/Dynamic room clearing

  • Deliberate room clearing (high risk warrant service)

  • Breaching

  • Full mission scenarios/practical application

  • The course will include both classroom and practical application training.

Training will be conducted at theNorthern California Regional Public Safety Training Center facility located at 5436 Patrol Road, McClellan, CA.