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Mike is a recently retired 25 year veteran Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. From 2006 until March of 2013 Mike worked with, and supervised the Violent Crime Squad in Sacramento California, which included the following multi-agency task forces: Safe Streets Violent Crime Task Force, Safe Streets Gang Task Force and Child Exploitation Task Force. During this same period Mike supervised the SWAT team.
From 1999 until his retirement, Mike taught numerous POST certified basic SWAT schools. Prior to 2006 Mike was the SWAT ATL, and on the investigative side focused on violent crime investigations specializing in tracking and apprehending violent fugitive felons as a member of the Sacramento Police Department’s Career Criminal Apprehension Team (CCAT).

Mike began his FBI career with the San Antonio, Texas Division of the FBI where he investigated drug trafficking organizations, was assigned to a DEA task force and a member of the FBI SWAT team. He followed this with six years as an operator/assaulter and eventually an assistant team leader with the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) Based in Quantico, Virginia. Along with 25 years of tactical experience, Mike is also a certified hostage negotiator.

His FBI career and breadth of experience has afforded him the opportunity to operate, train and instruct in many foreign countries to include Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Qatar, Oman, Iraq, Malta, Georgia, Hungary and Israel to name a few.

Mike now works as a Private Investigator, Contract Security Consultant and Law Enforcement Instructor for various agencies.

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