Everything Phase 5 has made and everything they've done has been for the same reason: to solve problems and help people, especially the people who protect and defend us.  They recognize that it is their job—and their passion—to build the best equipment possible for these dedicated professionals. That’s why they create components that meet their specific needs. That’s why they constantly upgrade their ability to tool pieces with more precision and durability. That’s why every part and weapon they build is made in America, on American-built machines, with American-built components.   Phase 5 products allow people all over the world to perform an extremely dangerous job, perform it extremely well, and make it back home at the end of the day. They feel that there’s no better reason to do what they do.  10% discount to all LEO when they sign up for their LEO discount. For life! And you can buy for friends too.!

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Esty Breaching makes specialty breaching tools for tactical operators - home of the Basic Patrol Ram, Custom Mary Ram, Agnes the Destroyer Ram and the Ulga Ram. You need to get in and they have the ram for the job. Their units can get you in quickly and efficiently. They save time at the door with their tools and techniques. Custom hardened multi-tool designs to cut time of exposure of operator. Their precision made tools are proudly made in the USA using US Steel. Esty Breaching will give Pinnacle Tactical customers a 10% discount!


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Makers of innovative tactical slings. Their products are the result of years of law enforcement tactical experience, with the highest standards and quality built into each. No shortcuts are taken in any step of their design and all of their products are built for reliability, ease of function, comfort, durability and to work in a number of different environments and situations. Each prototype is thoroughly tested by retired and current military and law enforcement operators because their philosophy is to make sure that every product will withstand the rigors of real life experiences. All of their products are proudly made in the U.S.A. and they stand behind them 100%. Sly Tactical will give Pinnacle Tactical customers a 20% discount!