Pinnacle Tactical Team Assessments are conducted on-site and include:

-Review of policies and procedures

-Review of team Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP’s)

-Organizational review

-Training observation

-Equipment examination

-Operational observation

-Interview of key individuals

Pinnacle Tactical Advisors can imbed themselves within your team, in your operational environment, during real world operations or exercises, and provide valuable insights and training recommendations.

The full measure of a tactical team’s capabilities starts with a realistic assessment. Pinnacle Tactical can provide a “top to bottom” assessment of your team by providing SME’s as Tactical Advisors for consultation during training and operational activities. We can provide constructive real time feedback on how to improve your team’s effectiveness. This program can be used to provide an initial assessment of your team in order to provide training recommendations or to provide guidance on how to take your team to a higher level. Once our Tactical Advisors identify deficiencies, they work with your team leadership in providing options on how to remove them.

This assessment would be tailored to meet your team’s particular needs upon consultation and could include an objective analysis of departmental policies and procedures as well as a critical assessment of your team’s operational capabilities based upon best practices in the tactical community. This assessment could include all aspects of the tactical team; personnel, training, equipment, team structure, selection, operational uses, and management. A comprehensive plan will then be developed that addresses what works and what does not work and how to effectively and efficiently implement the recommended changes.     

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Pinnacle Tactical understands and appreciates that not always does an off-the-shelf course have the desired effect for all organizations and is able to tailor training packages specific to your operational needs and environment. Our approach is to listen, identify and establish key learning objectives to develop the most appropriate and effective instruction available. Pinnacle Tactical is capable of both providing an in depth analysis of your training program or conducting specialized blocks of instruction for your team during scheduled training days. Specialized topics include hostage rescue, tubular assaults, high risk warrant service, firearms training, etc.