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Pinnacle Tactical provides world class law enforcement training to law enforcement agencies nation-wide at the lowest possible cost. Pinnacle Tactical provides training solutions derived from decades of combined experience planning and executing high risk missions.

Pinnacle Tactical is fully capable of meeting and successfully accomplishing any specialized task. Our operational strengths are honed by training and experience. The principal focus of our business is providing our clients with the quickest, most cost effective, professional, turn-key tactical solution available.

Pinnacle Tactical can tailor any requirement, in any environment, to meet the needs of those who require our services. A partial listing of the services that we provide includes:

-Basic or Advanced tactical training (client specified or Pinnacle Tactical core courses)

-Tactical consultation services

-VIP / PSD services

-Security plans, audits, reviews

-Consulting and Advisory support

Pinnacle Tactical maintains a professional team of instructors who have a broad range of experience and are committed to delivering high quality instruction. All of our training consultants possess a minimum of 20 years of operational experience, from either the military or tactical law enforcement community, and have been professionally recognized for their abilities, performance, and qualifications. 

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